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the right way.

More and more people realize our scouts leading us the wrong way.

Governments have threatened mankind many times with their huge arsenal of weapons.

We think, it is NOT the right way to intimidate the citizens of this world. - How do you feel, if someone points a gun at your head?

Governments are still legalized to kill 'enemies' (a person just like you and me), leading us to a way of violence.

Governments have never been able to control war in history because they are the reason for this destruction.

National governments neither benefit humanity nor our environment, and can not sufficiently explain their existence anymore.

The people are right -
our scouts do lead us the
wrong way!
Now all world citizens have to help each other to find the right way again.

It is obvious that violence is not the right way for governments. The other wrong way is to increase the wealth imbalance, which is endorsed by commercial entities and governments alike. In this regard ownership needs to be addressed:

proposal on:


Because the surface area of this planet is finite, dissecting the land into individually owned pieces and defending those stakes against other humans is inefficient and not feasible over the long run. The clashes arising out of such a strategy reduce the overall efficiency of humanity. To avoid such clashes every human has to take full ownership of Earth's surface and its natural resources in co-ownership with all humans. That means, it is made public property and treated as a vital infrastructure resource.

The transfer of ownership has to proceed gradually. Individuals who's property has been declared public should have two options:
retain this property throughout their lifetime or get the current market value reimbursed from humanity and lease it subsequently. Property declared public can not be passed on to heirs.
Corporate property that has been declared public acts as a credit on the balance sheet of corporations. They delay their lease payments until the value of the property has been used up by the lease amounts.

Humanity as the owner of the planet consisting of land, air, water, and all natural resources will lease surface area (land or water) to individuals and groups. All natural resources will be made available for sale. The proceeds from that shall benefit all humans equally.

All things created by humans can be owned and traded by individuals and groups. The land, the air, the sea, and this planet have not been created by humans and can not be owned by individuals or institutions - ownership and responsibility lies with humanity e.g. the global population.

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